NLP Practitioner Certification Course

NLP Course Introduction

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Course Objectives

This interactive and result oriented course is designed to understand the fundamental theories and practices of NLP so that participants can attain peak performance through effective and efficient communication and management skills in the workplace environment.

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is a set of psychological tools that help us how to live more happily, how to become more motivated, more energized, how to communicate, influence and convince more easily and thus we can improve ourselves in any area of life. Whether you are in a health-related field, counseling, psychotherapy, education, management, sales, leadership, parenting, public speaking, or any other profession – these powerful techniques will help you both professionally and personally!

What is NLP - Neuro-Linguistic Programming?

  • N stands for Neuro: The neurological system regulates how our bodies function
  • L stands for Linguistic: How we communicate and are communicated with both verbally and non-verbally.
  • P stands for Programming: Our programming determines the kinds of models of the world we create.
  • They are the three most important components involved in producing our experience.
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming describes the fundamental dynamics between mind (neuro) and language (linguistic) and how their interplay affects our body and behavior(programming).
  • NLP was created and developed in the early 1970's by Dr Richard Bandler and John Grinder. They studied the most effective therapists at that time together and formulated a methodology whereby they began to understand how these successful therapists were so effective and efficient and how to model other elements of human behaviour excellence.
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    One of the NLP fundamental presuppositions:

    • The Map is Not the Territory.
    • We can never know reality. We can only know our perceptions of reality. We experience and respond to the world through our sensory representational systems. It is our 'neuro-linguistic' maps of reality that decide how we behave and that give those behaviors meaning, not reality itself. Hence, it is not reality that limits us, but rather our map of reality.
    • NLP can help us to create the richest map possible. The people who are most effective & resourceful are the ones who have a map that allows them to perceive the greatest number of available choices and perspectives.
    • NLP is a way of enriching the choices that we have and perceive as available in the world around us. When we can let us enrich our choices and perspectives, we can embrace wisdom and excellence!
    • NLP was originated by Dr.Richard Bandler (his background was in mathematics and gestalt therapy) and John Grinder (his background was in linguistics) for the purpose of making explicit models of human excellence.
    • Their first work“The Structure of Magic Vol. I & II” (1975, 1976) identified the verbal and behavioral patterns of therapists Fritz Perls (the creator of gestalt therapy) and Virginia Satir (internationally renowned family therapist).
    • Their next work “Patterns of the Hypnotic Techniques” of Milton H. Erickson, M.D. Vol. I & II (1975, 1976) examined the verbal and behavioral patterns of Milton Erickson, founder of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis and one of the most widely acknowledged and clinically successful psychiatrists of our times.
    • As a result of this earlier work, Grinder and Bandler formalized their modeling techniques and their own individual contributions under the name "Neuro-Linguistic Programming" to symbolize the relationship between the brain, language and the body.
    • The basics of this model has been described in a series of books including Frogs Into Princes (Bandler & Grinder, 1979 ) , Neuro-Linguistic Programming Vol. I (Dilts, Grinder, Bandler, DeLozier, 1980), Reframing (Bandler and Grinder, 1982) and Using Your Brain (Bandler, 1985).

    NLP Course Content Outline

    • Module 1: NLP Introduction and its application in business
    • Module 2: Enhance Business Communication Skills by using NLP
    • Module 3: Applying NLP Techniques in Business Management
    • Module 4: Excel Performance By Using NLP

    Module 1: NLP Introduction and its application in business

    • NLP Presupposition
    • NLP History and Development
    • NLP Important Pillars
    • How to achieve Effective Learning
    • NLP Presupposition and Secrets of Success
    • Communication Model, Present & Desired States
    • Setting Effective Vision & Mission & SMART Goals

    Module 2: Enhance Business Communication Skills by using NLP

    Module 3: Applying NLP Techniques in Business Management

    Module 4: Excel Performance By Using NLP

    • Maintain the Best States)
    • Anchoring
    • Swish-patterns
    • <a href='/online-learning/nlp-circle-of-excellence.html'Circle of Excellence</a>
    • Enhance your work & presentation performance
    • Effective methods to resolve conflicts
    • TOTE Model
    • How to set up effective strategies
    • How to set up successful sales strategies
    • ow to set up effective strategies to boost your memory
    • How to manage your emotion and enhance your EQ
    • How to plan and execute a persuasive speech
    • Excellent Public Speaking and Presentation Skills like Obama

    NLP Teaching Methods

    Dr. Denise Wah conducts the training whole-heartedly, she answers all the questions from the participants informatively. She also shares and shows all the important points of NLP skills concretely and particpants can easily understand and grasp the essentials.
    Dr. Denise Wah demonstrated the NLP skills to the participants and explains all the details in an efficient way. With over 1000 colorful powerpoint slides and Dr. Wah's vivid training methods that the learning becomes enjoyful and fruitful.
    Participants grasps the skills and knowledge by Group Discussion & Exercises.
    There are over 50 Games and Exercises, particpants learn the NLP skills with fun.
    Particpants are doing exercises attentively, Dr. Wah always does her utmost to guide and coach the partipants during the class, during the breaks and after the class.
    Students can deepen their understanding of NLP by doing the Role Play and Case Studies.

    Why you should take this course NOW ?

    Why you should enroll our course NOW as it can help you:

    • Remove negative emotions from unpleasant memories & unwanted emotional states of mind.
    • Catapult yourself to great success using the secrets of managing your emotional states.
    • Have your best resources & states available to you any time you need them.
    • Be more effective in personal and professional relationships.
    • Make better decisions in both personal and professional areas, by future pacing your life!
    • Read and respond to others in all of your communications, and get more of what you want, most of the time, in every situation.
    • Alter your thinking to be more effective and positive.
    • Set goals in ways that ensure success.
    • Learn all this in an environment that is supportive and full of fun!
    • This has been said by many to be the most effective, influential training you can take.

    How you will benefit from this NLP training course?

    • Be your best and positive in any situations.
    • Accelerate your learning speed in any field.
    • See and hear more efficiently by improving our sensory acuity.
    • Learn to model excellent achievers.
    • Understand yourself and others more.
    • Enhance our Interpersonal & Intrapersonal Communication skills.
    • Learn how to use language patterns of effective communicators.
    • To enhance our influential & motivational power.
    • Manage Stress & be an energized and positive person all the times.
    • Learn effectively Negotiation & Mediation Skills, feedback skills, coaching skills, etc.
    • Systemic thinking for Goal setting & Problem Solving.
    • Utilize the power of body language in conveying messages precisely & effectively.
    • Know the big secrets of how to deliver a powerful & impressive presentation.
    • Learn how to use NLP to transform your life. Become skilled to use NLP with yourself and others and become licensed by the Society of NLP, the largest and oldest NLP Training organisation in the world.
    • NLP is a powerful, practical and precise approach towards allowing you to achieve your goals and make your life enriched!

    導師簡介 - 華美拉博士

    Denise Wah - NLP Trainer

    華美拉博士為Life Enrich Training and Consulting Centre 創辦人。華博士擁有超過二十年商業管理、市場管理、銷售管理、人事管理、專業培訓、活動教學、心理咨詢等不同範疇的豐厚經驗。除了深厚的理論基礎, 華博士 同時也擁有豐富的實戰經驗,能夠回應學員在課堂內的所有提問,讓來自不同範疇的學員獲益良多。同時,華博士對教學的熱誠及多元化的活動教學模式,亦深受學員的高度讚揚。華博士亦是大學商學院副教授,她在大學的教學評分中,更屢獲佳績,她的教學表現更是極受肯定.

    華美拉畢業於香港中文大學研究院 (The Chinese University of Hong Kong Graduate School) 心理學碩士及香港理工大學 (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University) 工商管理博士。華博士對傳統心理學,近代心理學及各項有關助人的學問及實用技巧均有深入研究。她多年來也不斷遠赴外地,修畢各NLP大師之不同課程,例如NLP創始人Dr. Richard Bandler,美國NLP訓練局(American Board of NLP),美國 NLP 大學(NLP University),美國國際身心語言程式學協會(NFNLP),美國催眠師訓練局(American Board of Hypnotherapy,美國 NGH(National Guild of Hypnotists)等,她更不斷進修最新的NLP及各項有關心理學的學問。華博士衷心希望可以將更多、更新的學問傳授給更多人,使更多人受惠。


    願您 活得豐盛,活得精彩!

    Award & Certificates


    • Exercises
    • Exam
    • Group Project and presentation

    Upon successful completion of the NLP course, the participants will be awarded:

    • Certificate of “Enhance Management and communication skills by using NLP”
    • Certified NLP Practitioner recognized by American Board of NLP (ABNLP)
    • Graduates will be eligible for the Award of “Certified NLP Practitioner” of the following international recognized institutions :
    • American Board of NLP (ABNLP)
    • National Federation of NLP (NFNLP)


    我們很感謝很多畢業學員對Life Enrich Training & Consulting Centre (色彩生活培訓及顧問中心)舉辦的NLP課程推薦,真誠地分享他們的得著。


    張崇德博士分享: 上完Life Enrich 之 NLP執行師證書課程後,我更理解不同人的溝通模式,對家庭及工作都有極大幫助

    Dr Tang 修畢 Life Enrich NLP 課程後,不論在家庭工作都有非常大的幫助。例如學懂如何快速建立親和感,學懂不同的表象系統,不論與配偶溝通,與子女溝通,或同事溝通也有很大的幫助!修畢 NLP 課程後,現在面對困難,也可好好管理情緒!

    NLP 學員 Dr Tang 皮膚科醫生 分享NLP課程得著

    完成Life Enrich NLP課程後,Edgar Sir 由一位非常理性的工程師,變成一位理性和感性兼備的職場高手!不但令自己工作更𣈱順,更加可以透過NLP課程所學到的技巧及知識,助己助人,祝福他人!!

    NLP 學員 Edgar Sir 大專院校心理學講師 分享NLP課程得著


    NLP幫我改善與同事關係 增加親和感 Life Enrich NLP執行師證書課程 畢業學員Charlie 分享

    完成NLP執行師證書課程後, 了解自己所屬的溝通模式,大大改善與家人的關係,有更好的情緒管理(EQ)。

    學會NLP後 情緒管理(EQ)大大改善 Life Enrich NLP執行師證書課程 畢業學員Kinson分享


    NLP stop procrastination - Life Enrich NLP執行師證書課程 畢業學員Henry 分享

    完成Denise教授的NLP課程後, 學員的正能量大大提升,不斷運用正面的思考模式及正面說話,對身邊的人作出正面的影響。

    Louis 對 Life Enrich NLP課程的分享


    John 對 Life Enrich NLP課程的分享


    Wu 對 Life Enrich NLP課程的分享

    總結今次的學習,我發現了生命的地圖擴大了。 認識了NLP四大支柱和12假設前題讓我有正向的生命。 NLP技巧靈活多變,語言技巧的運用能強化或減輕潛意識的認知,在工作上很有幫助。 心錨的運用能連繫外在感覺和潛意識。
    除了知識外,透過組員的互動,我能更深認識V, A, K, AD的特性,改善了我的溝通的技巧。 課程上的練習時間足夠,更多謝Denise回應我們一些「無厘頭」的問題。各個組員非常投入,上課的時間很充實!做功課和準備小組匯報用了超過10小時,但過程是開心的,組員多了接納和支持! Denise沒有架子,親和感十足…… 整個NLP課程深入淺出,容易掌握和了解,值得推薦。 ^o^

    盧小姐(零售業經理) 對 Life Enrich NLP課程的分享



    * NLP四大支柱
    * NLP的12假設前題
    * 親和感與溝通技巧
    * 表像系統
    * 催眠系統與檢定語言模式
    * 心錨的運用


    Su WY (教師) 對 Life Enrich NLP課程的分享

    上課前,未接觸NLP時,都未能完全掌握究竟NLP 是什麼,上完NLP課堂後,可以掌握到NLP,透過改善語言機制,完善滿足自我發展的正面需要,包括快樂,投入,積極及親和態度。除去負面情緒,抽離有關身心的負面思想,全面開展活潑快樂豐盛人生,功能上能快捷與意識及潛意識對話;視覺,聽覺,感覺,我們對每個感覺都可以調節及改變,將它形象化,將負担減輕,衷心多謝華博士!!

    Mr. Wong (05/2008)對 Life Enrich 舉辦的NLP執行師證書課程的分享

    P.S. 多謝Denise 用心教導! : )

    Mr. Wong(08/2008) 對 Life Enrich 舉辦的NLP執行師證書課程的分享

    NLP 的12 個假設前提,其實正是很多人需要建立的價值觀,以令人能生活得更積極,正面地面對生活上遇到的事情。
    若在整個NLP課程內容中分享一下,我想應該是NLP 表象系列運用。雖然過去也曾在其他渠道接觸過NLP,但今次更可以學習如何以別人的言語中,了解對方的表象系統,學習和訓練自己不同表象系統的敏銳觀察程度,和以不同的表象系統來表達自己的意思,都是十分有效,而且可以隨時可以透過練習來提升自己,非常實用。
    還有一些新學習的東西,如心錨、催眠等,相信靠不斷練習,我能將NLP 運用得更加好。Thank you Denise !

    Ms. Yuen(08/2008) 對 Life Enrich 舉辦的NLP執行師證書課程的分享

    1. 決定報讀NLP 時,不是為了金錢,而是坊間各行各業都在運用NLP技巧。例如教學,推銷等都可以透過運用NLP而可以很成功。
    2. NLP便我明白,每個人都有自己的地圖,從別人的地圖(互動的模式)進行溝通,因為凡事每個人都不一樣,而從而到整體,chunking up 至團隊精神,整個家庭,朋友溝通等,都可達致正面效果,NLP 非常好!

    Ms. Ho(08/2008) 對 Life Enrich 舉辦的NLP執行師證書課程的分享

    1. NLP 十二個假設前題,既能鼓勵自己,亦增強我待人處事的信念,例如「沒有挫敗,只有回應」「有效果比有道理更重要」「沒有兩個人是一樣的,尊重別人的內心世界」
    2. 表象系統
    讓我了解人有VAK,AD 類型,同時,可透過觀察眼球轉動,得知對方的特質,促進溝通!
    3. 檢定語言模式
    4. 「迪士尼創意策略」教導我們用不同的角度看事情,作出計劃,我很興奮發自己都能用這模式思考,原來自己都不錯!
    希望繼續活學活用NLP!Thank you Dr. Wah.

    曹小姐(08/2008)對 Life Enrich 舉辦的NLP執行師證書課程的分享

    這7天課程讓我對NLP 有認識,我對親和感的建立印象最深刻,落堂後,我運用同步技巧與對話者建立親和感,加強對方對自己的信任。
    另一方面,過往自己對VAK Ad 有基本認識,但未試過深入運用這些表象系統於與人溝通上,透過課堂練習,讓我經歷VAK 的重要性,日常生活中,有時誤會都因這而起,因為大家接收信息的天線不同,若未能對準對方的天線,或許未能將信息有效傳遞,再者,這些經驗提醒我在我的教學上,其實十分需要為學生提供不同感官及多元化活動,讓不同VAK Ad天線同學都能在課堂中,運用自己的天線學到知識。
    Thank you Dr. Wah!

    廖小姐(5/2007)對 Life Enrich 舉辦的NLP執行師證書課程的分享

    經過七天的學習,很開心與Dr Wah和同學們的相處!
    上堂之前,我希望透過學NLP 來增進與同事之間的溝通技巧,全是因為工作的需要!直至上堂後,我學到的不只是用於工作,甚至連自己與家人溝通也大派用場。 因為,有很多人對我說,我一是不說話,一說話便像一支箭般飛出來,傷害到人也不知道。




    我很期待上Dr. Wah與們向正面思想!化,我現在會即時回應,令到家務,例如洗碗,初時︳LP催眠課程呢!

    Ms Janey Wong(5/2007)對 Life Enrich 舉辦的NLP執行師證書課程的分享

    NLP 非常實務,非常生活化,藉此可以運用在工作、家庭、朋友和日常生活當中,甚至個人修養、EQ、和溝通技巧提升,而至親和感Rapport提升的得着。
    藉着NLP 運用在家庭和小朋友身上,有很多大的進步和溝通上有莫大的裨益。在包容和價值觀都有所改變和提升,現慣性留意身邊的人VAK Ad styles!
    Thank you Dr. Wah!

    Jennifer Chu(3/2007) 對 Life Enrich 舉辦的NLP執行師證書課程的分享

    1. 如何建立親和感 - 非常重要,尤其是面對新同事,新客戶,以及新的合作伙伴
    2. VAK Ad - 觀察及更注意每個人的特質
    3. 催眠 - 可以在生氣及緊張的狀態下放鬆
    4. Reframe - 可以幫助自己及其他朋友,走出谷底
    如果你問我 Nlp課程邊間好? 我誠意推薦最正Nlp課程當然係 Life Enrich Dr. Wah!
    Thank you Denise!

    Ms. Chan (5/2007) 對 Life Enrich 舉辦的NLP執行師證書課程的分享


    Ms. Leung (19/12/2009) 對 Life Enrich 舉辦的NLP執行師證書課程的分享

    參加NLP課程,時間過得很快,很高興認識華博士及一班同學。報讀NLP 當然想睇睇課程裡有乜玄機,是否真的能透過NLP能提升自己生命,使自己生命更有深度,更豐盛!
    就在這段時間與同學接觸,讓我看見各位同學及我自己,也各有特色,包括性格、價值觀及思維方法,有 V, 有A, 有K,有Ad 型態,十分有趣!
    我過往感受到,我因着舊思維模式,行為和習慣不繼重覆,透過NLP 精神及信念,我實在可以改善過往不良的行為和習慣,透過nlp, 向正面思想出發,我現在會即時回應,例如做家務,以前我不習慣做家務,透過nlp,重新裝上(Reprogramming)正面,積極,喜樂的態度,去使自己生命提升!連我身邊的人都受到感染。由開始學習 nlp 至今,我慢慢掌握NLP,將NLP融入生活,展示NLP 所隱藏之影響力!
    最後感謝Denise 導師悉心教導,傾囊傳授,祈望我和同學們將NLP發揚光大!

    Joe Chan 對 Life Enrich 舉辦的NLP執行師證書課程的分享

    讀咗NLP 課程後,我用親和感rapport,敏銳的感官,富有彈性旳行為與家人,朋友,同事溝通,好開心!我現在,可以隨時處理問題,即時回應問題。
    在家庭生活裏,有時我太忙,我請我老公幫我做些家務,例如洗碗,初時他極大反應,不開心,因為他只顧看電視,看報紙!我看見,聽到,感覺到,以前我會鬧佢,現在,我是好真心親和(rapport)告訴他,結果他幫我很多!我也告訴他,「你做得這麼快,這麼好」自此之後,他很樂意自動去做些家務,我仔仔都感受到爸爸的改變,大家已將NLP 融入家庭中,快樂生活!
    多謝老師!Denise 用心教導!

    黃可珍小姐 對 Life Enrich 舉辦的NLP執行師證書課程的分享

    Before taking this course, I was skeptical about the result and the influence after studying it. I thought it was just like another course that I took before, learnt the knowledge and hopefully still remembered some of it after a while.

    To my surprise, this NLP course is completely different from what I have expected. The skills and the class experience obtained from the group exercises are the most valuable things I have gained from the course.

    The skills are applicable to daily life, after the NLP course, I fully applied them at my job and the relationships (with my parents, husband, mother-in-law, friends…etc.)

    I have to thank all the classmates for sharing their thoughts and experiences which I have learnt a lot from and most importantly, I have to thank Denise for her excellent guidance throughout the NLP course.

    黃小姐 對 Life Enrich 舉辦的NLP執行師證書課程的分享

    修讀完NLP 執行師證書稞程,令我得着的是加深了人與人之間相處時所需要的要素,例如建立親和感,觀察對方在溝通時表露出是那個表象系統(VAKAd) 的特徵!例如當我證實我老公是AD仔,而我自己是V仔時,我老公以後再說帶我去那些裝修不吸引的地方食飯時,我便會比較接受和可以真正去享受他用心分析過的選擇。

    而自我催眠運用覺得很有效,自從學了自我催眠的運用之後,我的壓力真的減少了,但令我覺得最神奇的見證是,有一次,我教女兒自我催眠,去令自己的發燒消除,才可以去表演,而神奇的事真的發生了,過去她的發燒一直維持了兩天都沒有降下來,但那次只是短短的二十分鐘,她的體溫真的從101度降至98.1度,所以我便可以去上NLP 課堂,而她就可以去學校跟大隊去表演了。

    Mei Mei 對 Life Enrich 舉辦的NLP執行師證書課程的分享

    我讀NLP的原因,是因為人生存在社會上,溝通是不可缺乏的,但怎樣才是"真正有效" 的溝通,觀察於微之外,感官的了解原來咁重要。

    另外要對Denise 的教導方法十分滿意,她非常有耐性去回答突發問題,而且回答得又詳盡又有趣,令上課氣氛很輕鬆,最令我impress 的是,在一些練習中有同學不能完成練習或有些情緒感覺出現時,Denise 會在小息的時候follow up,先解決他們的問題,確保每位同學在情緒上都是穩定,甚至給他們免費輔導及治療。

    我誠意推薦大家上Denise 老師的課堂。

    Becky Yu 對 Life Enrich 舉辦的NLP執行師證書課程的分享

    上NLP 堂,我希望在NLP課程後增進我的說話和溝通技巧,我透過pacing,使用謂詞等技巧,很快與同學老師達成同步,溝通的過程也順利了很多。至少,現在我不怕和別人 say hi ,同老師說話。其實說到底,我明白到我缺乏的,不單是技巧,而更甚的是,缺乏一個眼神。

    我是一個AD人,未上課前,我會認為自己是個怪人,朋友聚會時,個個歡天喜地,我會想「是否真的這麼快樂」,自討沒趣。之後我知道原來人分為 V,A,K,Ad 等性格,才明白不投入,只是一種思考取向。之後,我學懂要成為一個完全的人,就要發展其他的天線。所以,我形容人是一幅拼圖,性格要透過 V,A,K,Ad 的小塊才會使心圓滿起來。



    Peter Fan 對 Life Enrich 舉辦的NLP執行師證書課程的分享

    Two days ago, when I told my friend I enrolled a NLP course to know more about myself and enhance my communication skill, she asked if it was worthy because she could tell me my characters in a second as we have known each other for years.

    Living in a cosmopolitan like Hong Kong, people are generally not contented. I joined this NLP class and I think that the NLP class is actually much worthier more than it costs. The skills I have learnt can be applied at my work, everyday life and studies. The skills are very useful throughout my life time. Thank a lot.

    What's more, I've gained inspiration to do my thesis for my master degree programme in linguistics. The content on psycho-linguistics learned in this programme is practical and has established a good introduction for my studies. Thanks again and I look forward to the NLP Master Practitioner course (NLP advanced course.)

    Ms. Margaret Yuen (2008) 對 Life Enrich 舉辦的NLP執行師證書課程的分享

    其實當我認識到NLP 後,無論對我現時的工作,或者人與人之間的關係,都有很大幫助!

    在NLP 我學會地圖上的界線並不等於真正的地域,在這世界上不是只有自己這一類人,在NLP 中學會世上有V,A,K,Ad, 的不同類人,了解每種人不同的性質,特點,例如,我有一次和朋友去旅行,放行前一個星期他們約好在一間咖啡店,談談旅行的事宜,他們非常詳細詳談旅行每一個小時的流程,eg. 幾點起床,幾點出酒店,幾點遊覽那一個勝地等,在這一刻,我感到他們十分麻煩,過於仔細,感到他們有點過份緊接張,我覺得去放行當然是要放鬆自己,隨心去
    圖,現在我常常會用十二個假設前提思考,運用係生活當中,獲益良多 份緊接著張旅行,為何還要規限自己呢﹖但當我知道世上有不同類型天線後,我就明白他們不是有問題,而是做每件事都要有計劃去做,不喜歡隨心隨意,將時間運用得更有效率﹐不浪費每一分一秒,使旅程更有計劃!

    另外,NLP對我最深刻的練習是「卓越圈」,這一個圈,讓我感受到恐懼的時候,我可以跳入這一個「卓越圈」內,在短時間提升自信心,例如,前日公司dinner,我在台上做司儀,未讀NLP前,我會在台上恐懼到不停發抖,但我上完NLP 後,我在台上跳入「卓越圈」立即提升自信心,不再發抖和恐懼,在台上展出笑容!

    這個NLP 課程真的幫助我自己很多,我絕對相信之後我會有更美麗和豐盛的人生!

    Mr. James Wong 對 Life Enrich 舉辦的NLP執行師證書課程的分享

    It was a great pleasure to complete Dr. Denise’s NLP course. I found it very useful and have learned much. Definitely have improved my communication skills. I have also understood others better.

    Although the course was intensive,it is really a life experience which to spend only a few weeks to gain tremendous in communication skills to benefit my social life and create general harmony among friends, family and new people I just met. I am definitely interested to apply more in order to use some of the technique and skills to my daughter as well!

    Wish you Denise a successful journey!

    And god bless you.

    Ms. Cecilia Lo 對 Life Enrich 舉辦的NLP執行師證書課程的分享

    好快已經學了NLP 4個月,多謝我地導師Denise 的用心教導。
    相信大家每一個星期,同我一樣,工作一整天後,都趕來上NLP堂,就知道對NLP 的學習興趣同熱誠。
    NLP 的確可以令我地生活更充實,更進步的人生。
    因為透過NLP 的技巧,可令我們設定目標,有方法及效率完成,係生活裏面思想更正面更積極。
    所以NLP 令我生活更充實,更進步。
    Thank you Dr. Wah!

    Ms. Kate Tsang 對 Life Enrich 舉辦的NLP執行師證書課程的分享

    在未認識NLP 之前,偶爾會聽人談論NLP,有些人說得很神奇,說NLP 威力強大,無所不能,有些則說得很負面,說NLP欺世盜名,言過其實,有些電視節目甚至拿NLP 來戲謔一番。所以我對這門學問很感好奇,很想有機會認識一下。


    終於為了事業,我下定決心學習NLP,希望可以提升自己,在溝通和增強自信方面可以有所得著。初時我也抱著姑且一試的態度來上課 但後來學到的溝通技巧和各樣自我提升的工具,例如心錨和卓越圈,令我覺得NLP如果善加利用,可以大大增強人際關係和令溝通更為有效。而且思想上亦較以前正面,令我感到這個NLP課程確是物超所值。

    最後,我得感謝Denise 和各位同學,在這4個月裏對我的指導和幫助,我得到有用的知識,又認識了一班很好的新朋友,多謝大家!

    Jack Wu 對 Life Enrich 舉辦的NLP執行師證書課程的分享


    NLP的假設前提,也令我明白很多東西,人都看開了,不會執著自己的看法,而強加於別人身上,因為人人也有自己的地圖,現在我常常會用十二個假設前提 思考,運用係生活當中,獲益良多,哈哈。



    最後多謝Denise 多謝一班同學仔同我一齊過左4個月開心晚上,多謝。

    Louise Wong 對 Life Enrich 舉辦的NLP執行師證書課程的分享

    在NLP 課程中,我學會了很多方法改善一些行為和消除負情緒,對我而言,對我最感受深刻是改善了我正面的信念。

    我明白到信念可改變到一個人的心態,再改變人的行為,從而改變到事情的結果。 以前我常不願意去改變,不想接受不能接受的,但結果也沒變得更好。但學完NLP後,鼓勵了我更多正面思想,看事情要看遠一些,不要單看以前不好的經驗,過去便過去,要多看將來,每天都是一個新的開始。



    Wendy Wong 對 Life Enrich 舉辦的NLP執行師證書課程的分享

    很高興可以成為Denise 的學生,她親切的聲線及和譪可親的笑容,有趣的課堂活動,使上堂的過程非常愉快,偶爾遇到日間非常困難的工作或疲倦,亦極渴望回到此NLP課堂中。

    除了學到NLP 的各種技巧,此課程亦提供了很多反思及加強正面積極思考的機會,讓我自我激勵的去有步驟及有系統地規劃自己的思想,多謝Denise!

    Leah Lee 對 Life Enrich 舉辦的NLP執行師證書課程的分享

    我非常高興能完成華博士教授的NLP 課程。這個NLP課程的內容非常充實,教識我正面思想,怎樣改變自己的壞習慣,增強自信,當中一些溝通和催眠的技巧,對我來說是很實用的,相信可以在工作上幫上忙。


    非常感謝Dr.Denise 悉心的教導和親切的支持,使我對課程留下美好的印象,我會好好利用學習到的知識,不斷運用,發揚光大。

    Rio Ma 對 Life Enrich 舉辦的NLP執行師證書課程的分享

    一連七天的NLP執行師課程很快就完結,當初還很怕上全日的課堂會很難吸收和很累,但Denise 的清晰講解和課堂中不同的活動,令這七天過得很愉快,而且復活節假期連續幾天的課堂,讓一班同學的關係增進不少。

    學習了NLP 後,我最大的得著是要多洞察自己正面的感覺,因為NLP課程裡面某些技巧,例如心錨,卓越圈,都很需要我們把正面的感覺聯繫至負面的感覺,從而戰勝負面的感受。可能人往往很易被負面思想主導,但其實若多思想和感恩,絕不難去找值得令我們感開心或自信的事!

    Carol So 對 Life Enrich 舉辦的NLP執行師證書課程的分享

    15堂的NLP課程,我終於畢業了!未上NLP課堂前,我覺得我很難同人溝通!Thanks NLP 導師 Dr Wah 的用心教導NLP,她舉了很多NLP用法及例子,很易明白NLP學問!加上這個NLP課堂很多NLP練習和活動,我覺得讀NLP變得很有趣,很開心!


    Mary Chu 對 Life Enrich 舉辦的NLP執行師證書課程的分享

    我很幸運能夠遇上華博士 (Dr. Denise WAH) 的NLP課程以及知道有NLP這門實用心理學課程。NLP課程對我來說是非常有用的,不僅改善了我心態、加強正能量、改善人際關係、加強自信心,而且能夠幫助其他人。

    NLP 12個假設前題中,「沒有挫敗,只有回應」、「凡事總有3個解決辦法」、「彼此的地圖不一樣」和「別人可以做得到,我也可以做到」。這些金句,都可以積極改善我自己的內在及令我在人生的道路上,在面對難題上更有信心及勇氣, 在此多謝華博士的支持及鼓勵。另外,NLP其中一項技巧「卓越圈」亦可以大大幫助我,令我在演講上更可以充滿信心。最後,我希望能夠繼續將NLP課程學以致用,而且大家都可以繼續互相提點,彼此進步,更可以在人生路上多一個導師及朋友。

    Cathy Yeung 對 Life Enrich 舉辦的NLP執行師證書課程的分享

    Before taking this NLP course, I did a lot of researches to find the right NLP course, and it's so worth doing it! Learning how to use NLP is one of the greatest things I've ever done in my professional and personal life, so if you're interested in it, get to it, it is genuinely life-changing. Dr. Wah’s NLP course is definitely the best NLP course in the “Specialisation”! Lectures, learning manual, assignment, project - everything is super good organised and well-designed.

    The NLP course content covers a lot of aspects of NLP knowledge and it is very able to deliver it in a comprehensive and detailed manner. Dr. Wah is very engaging!

    The NLP course is very interesting, quite advanced and we need to invest a bit time for the assignment and project as we learnt a lot of NLP knowledge by doing them, so it is very worthy in my opinion!

    This NLP course is very good if you want to get familiar with different methods/tasks in NLP!!! Surely Dr. Wah also recommended some external readings.

    In here, I would like to say thank you to Dr. Wah and all your great delivered lectures and your devoted training. You are such an amazing lecturer and I feel so fortunate to have been enrolled in your NLP course. You have inspired me a lot in my every aspect of life and for that I am thankful because you are truly a wonderful lecturer.

    Ms. Fiona Chui (2021) 對 Life Enrich 舉辦的NLP執行師證書課程的分享

    Dr Wah嘅 NLP課程非常值得推薦,我未上NLP課程之前,我唔識點同人溝通!非常多謝 NLP導師華博士, 又專業,又有愛心, 我一有唔明白,又可以隨時問問題, Dr Wah可以即刻用簡易明白嘅方法,令我好快明白NLP技巧!

    NLP課堂有好多NLP execises, nlp活動, 又實用, 又學到嘢, 又開心! 最緊要係學以致用! 連之前因為工作壓力引致嘅情緒問題都搞掂埋! 真係非常感激!

    Charlotte Wong 對 Life Enrich 舉辦的NLP執行師證書課程的分享

    Award & Certificates


    • Exercises
    • Exam
    • Group Project and presentation

    Upon successful completion of the NLP course, the participants will be awarded:

    • Certificate of “Enhance Management and communication skills by using NLP”
    • Certified NLP Practitioner recognized by American Board of NLP (ABNLP)
    • Graduates will be eligible for the Award of “Certified NLP Practitioner” of the following international recognized institutions :
    • American Board of NLP (ABNLP)
    • National Federation of NLP (NFNLP)

    NLP Certification Training Course Time Table

    2024 Apr Evening NLP Course - 15 lessons

    NLP Course Tuition Fees / early Bird discounts / Hong Kong Government CEF

    NLP Class Code NP-8080
    NLP Course Commencement Date 2024 Apr 12 - July 26 (Fri)!
    4 月 12, 19, 26 日
    5 月 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 日
    6 月 7, 14, 28
    7 月 5, 12, 19, 26 日
    NP-8080 - Evening NLP Course - 15 lessons
    Enrollment date Total Amount Tuition fees
    one week before the commencement of the course: Enroll the course on or before 14 Mar, 2023)Early Bird discounts HK$ 12,500 (can save HK$ 1,000) HK$ 3,125
    before the commencement of the course: Enroll the course (on or after 15 Mar, 2023) HK$ 13,500 HK$ 3,375

    NLP Course Tuition Fees / early Bird discounts /Hong Kong Government CEF

    Medium of Instruction: Cantonese Seats are limited, pls register NOW! Enjoy early Bird discounts, Take Action NOW! Venue: 1001, 10/F., 9 Hillwood Road, Tsim Sha Shui, Kowloon Duration 52 contact hours and 20 hours for doing exercises Course Instructor Dr. Denise Wah trains and coaches the participants whole-heartedly. </table>

    • 整個專業NLP執行師證書課程費用原價HK$ 13,500
    • 包括52小時學費,考試費,證書費及250頁導師親自編寫的NLP執行師實用手冊
    • 若非申請持續進修基金(CEF)的學員,也可享早報優惠,開課前1星期報名及繳費,減收 HK$ 1,000,即全課程只需HK$ 12,500。若課程為期4個月,學費可分4個月繳付,即每期可低至 HKD 3,125!
    • 合資格學員可獲香港政府持續進修基金(CEF)資助,可獲發還$10,000學費。
    • 註:香港政府持續進修基金(CEF)所資助$10,000 將於課程完成後約6星期存入學員之銀行戶口
    • 香港政府持續進修基金(CEF)資助,可獲發還$10,000學費。 加上早報優惠, 即全課程費用可低至HK$ 2,500!
    • 香港政府持續進修基金CEF將每人資助上限增至HK$25,000。申請CEF戶口的同學,完成課程後,我們會協助你申請CEF資助!歡迎致電23328400查詢。
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    免費NLP課程補堂優惠 - 全港鮮有!

    學習保證 - 為確保學習效果,我們設有全港鮮有免費身心語言程式學NLP執行師證書課程/NLP高級執行師證書課程補堂優惠,確保學員能夠在繁忙的工作及生活中可以百分百完成 Life Enrich Training & Consulting Centre 的NLP高級執行師證書課程,更讓學員可以在不同的時間和階段有不同層次的領受及得著。
    Life Enrich Training & Consulting Centre歡迎學員隨時返回本學院修讀同一個課程,深化自己對NLP的操練和應用 - 費用全免!(本公司將保留一切之最終決定權。)

    Free NLP Seminar

    Free NLP Seminar 2024 Mar 26 (Tue) OR 2024 Apr 5 (Fri); 7:30pm - 8:30pm Classroom Learning Instructor: Dr. Wah Medium of Instruction: Cantonese
    ## Our FREE NLP Seminar Address: Room 1001, Cheuk Nang Centre,
    9 Hillwood Road, Tsim Sha Tsui,
    Kowloon, Hong Kong SAR



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      • 戶口號碼:817-151889-838
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    6. 2019年4月1日起,香港政府持續進修基金CEF將每人資助上限增至HK$20,000。申請CEF戶口的同學,完成課程後,我們會協助你申請CEF資助!歡迎致電23328400查詢。