Benefits of Learning NLP

NLP takes you on a journey of self discovery. It allows you to generate your own learning and come to your own awareness’s from working through the processes taught and you will benefit from the acquisition of models of excellence in human behavior. This will provide you with a true leading edge in understanding yourself and others in any context and help you both professionally and personally!

NLP can be divided into two main areas - using communication to influence others, and using it to improve and empower ones self. By using carefully structured language and non-verbal communication techniques, it can influence decisions of others. Sales people, negotiators, and managers therefore have used NLP to enhance their competitiveness in business!

Many organisations also face the challenge of having some high achievers and lots of mediocre employees. NLP allows these high achievers to be “modelled”, their behaviours, habits, and the thought processes that bring them success are described in ways which can then be “installed” into others or what we say:“Programming”!

NLP language patterns when used in this environment can further improve communication and results by leading to greater influence and understanding. Techniques like mirroring and matching can be used to create greater rapport and help in situations where it is important that the individuals would like to build up the rapport in an instant.

People who suffer from emotional problems or phobias to confidence issues, NLP techniques such as the swish patterns, changing the submodalities…etc can help overcome them effectively.

NLP should not be regarded as synonymous with therapy, as many people who study NLP are already very successful, smart individuals, they are simply seeking to improve themselves even further.

So, NLP is valuable in business, consulting, therapy, management, health professions, sports, parenting, creative pursuits, education, training and development, sales, negotiation, writing - anywhere communicating and excelling are important!

NLP In Business

Basic NLP skills which improve and enhance communication, rapport building, and goal setting are all immediately applicable to the business world.

NLP in the Helping Professions

NLP is proven as an effective way to assist clients to achieve rapid and lasting changes.

NLP and Creativity

Artists, writers, and performers find NLP training valuable because NLP offers valuable insight into what inhibits and what enhances the creative spirit. Applications of NLP strategies provide powerful ways to free and stimulate your creativity.

NLP in Education

NLP's practical applications include understanding how we learn and developing strategies for both students and teachers. Through NLP, teachers and parents gain concrete methods for helping children do well in school. Classroom teachers are incorporating key pieces of the NLP approach into their teaching methods and classroom management.

NLP for Personal Change

NLP provides freedom from old habits, fears, limiting beliefs, and gives a structure for new and empowering ways of being in the world. One of the benefits of NLP is more choice: in how you respond, the way you communicate, and how you feel. When you have more options, you can make better decisions.

NLP In Health

The applications of NLP are important both to those in the medical field and to individuals interested in good health. NLP provides these necessary skills for relating effectively and communicating clearly with patients and co-workers.

In addition, some important research in NLP today is focusing on ways of building and maintaining positive mindset, personal health, engaging the body's ability to heal, and defining the relationship between health and beliefs.