NLP - the Neurological Levels Concept or Dilts Logical Levels

NLP Logical Levels

The six logical levels include:

  • Spirituality,
  • Identity,
  • Beliefs and Values,
  • Capabilities,
  • Behaviours,
  • Environment.

The Neurological Levels concept or known as Dilts Logical Levels

was developed by Robert Dilts, taking much of his inspiration from the work of Gregory Bateson (leading anthropologist and philosopher in the early development of NLP)

NLP logical levels is a technique that helps you align yourself so that every part of you is in the same direction to achieve a goal.

Environment (where) :

Refers to the environment around you such as the community, the people around you...etc.

Behaviors (what) :

These are your habits and common behaviors and current lifestyle. Eg. procrastinator, heavy drinker or smoker...etc.

Capabilities (how) :

These are your capabilities, skills and competency.

Beliefs & values (why) :

Beliefs & values are the guiding force of your actions and decisions. It is what you strongly believe in.

Identity (who) :

Who you are and what you stand for. When you do something against your identity, you will feel like you have betrayed yourself.

Spiritual : (Who else? For whom?)

At the highest level above our identity is our spirit and connectedness to the universe. Our role and duty as a spiritual being.