Today's World of NLP

Today there are training centers and universities around the world teaching NLP skills. The comprehensive set of skills is taught as NLP Training. Early in the program participants learn the important skills of:

  • Clarifying goals and objectives
  • Establishing rapport
  • Developing states of excellence
  • Changing self-defeating patterns of behavior
  • Setting up any desired positive changes which are appropriate & ecological for all parts of life
  • Clear and effective use of language patterns

Some larger training centers offer an advanced training and certification called "Master Practitioner," as well as specialized classes, such as NLP negotiating and conflict resolution skills, NLP and creativity skills, and NLP personal growth processes.

The world of NLP is international in scope, especially in the fields of business, creativity, therapy, education, and health. Several journals chronicle new discoveries in NLP. There are hundreds of books with an NLP focus and many new books are published each year.

In addition, there are therapists, counselors and consultants around the world trained in NLP and offering private sessions for personal change.