NLP Disney Creativity Strategy

While Walt Disney planned his creativity strategy, three different stages were adopted:

Dreamer, realist and critic


Walt Disney imagined a wonderful, perfect, fantastic Disneyland with thousands of people visiting this colorful world of fairy miracles.

When he satisfied his ambitions with this vision he proceeded to the next stage.


Now, he wondered whether his dreams could be feasible. He considered whether he had enough resources, time and people. When he had the full picture of his plans, he preceded to the last stage.


At this stage, he had to find all the potential obstacles and difficulties. He looked for any weaknesses of his plans.

Walt Disney’s strategy Steps:

How to implement Walt Disney’s strategy?

  1. The Dreamer
  2. You can dream whatever you like. You are very brave to do so. Everything is possible!

  3. The Realist
  4. The part of you that gets things done and knows how to get everything planned, scheduled and organised. You know all details and resources needed.

  5. The Critic
  6. Now, you have to find out all the potential obstacles and difficulties. You have to point out anything that might not work or might go wrong.