How Do I Choose the Right NLP Course Provider in Hong Kong?

NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) has gained popularity ever since it was developed in the 1970s. Today, there is a huge variety of NLP courses on the market. Take the following advice as you opt for NLP training.

Consider the quality of the trainer. For example, has the trainer received direct and substantial mentorship from such masters as Dr. Richard Bandler the co-developer of NLP overseas, and mingled the advantages of different schools, e.g. ABNLP, NFNLP,NLPU...etc in order that refined and practical wisdom can be passed on to more learners? Has the NLP trainer used NLP for the betterment of his/her own thoughts, learning, career and living in general? Actions speak louder than words. You want a pragmatic trainer who endeavours to enrich life with the wonderful NLP tools, not a lofty theorizer!

The next consideration lies with the course itself. Class size matters. Here in Life Enrich Training & Consulting Centre, we would like every single learner to understand and apply fully what has been taught and gain personal advice from the trainer, and therefore we limit our class size down to 30. Of course, international accreditation, i.e. recognition by such authorities as The Society of NLP (certified by Dr. Richard Bandler), NLP University, American Board of NLP and NFNLP etc., also makes a good index of class quality.

Still some more points to note. Check whether the course offers any learning guarantee for students: are there free make-up classes and free for repeating, so that students can enjoy real completion of enrolled programmes, benefiting according to their own timing and learning stages? Also look into the course’s reputation and testimonials from past attendees.

Last but not least, you may want to go down the list of courses whose fees are subsidized by the Hong Kong government (i.e. CEF - 80% course fee reimbursement or up to HK$10,000) and see if the course is there.

Factors from the trainer and the courses’ quality to minute-seeming concerns like the availability of a learning guarantee all count in your right choice of NLP programmes!