NLP Test-Operate-Test -Exit (TOTE) model

As per Neuro-linguistic courses, the strategy model is derived from the Test-Operate-Test -Exit (TOTE) model developed by psychologists Galanter, Miller and Pribham - “Plans and the structure of behavior”in 1960. The TOTE model is actually a more complete elaboration of the old Stimulus Response (S-R) model. The Stimulus Response (S-R) model tries to explain human behavior exclusively in terms of conditioning. A stimulus generates a response, is the basic concept behind this model.

The TOTE model gives a flowchart, which consists of “Operating” on the stimulus of the internal map and altering it, “Testing” for congruence or incongruence, and “Exiting” if desirable result is attained. This flowchart usually executes below the threshold of consciousness.

If we can learn and use TOTE in a good way, we can consciously set up the TOTE model that can help us to achieve our goals effectively!