NLP Circle of Excellence

The Circle of Excellence is a very useful tool that helps us elicit and create desired states.

  1. Draw an imaginary circle on the floor which is large enough to step into.
  2. Build a powerful resource state using the circle of excellence technique. For example, be confident and humorous for a public speech.
  3. Remember experiences where you felt powerful, creative, humorous or any resourceful state where you felt confident. Step into the circle only as quickly as you remember and re-access the resourceful state through your inner senses.
  4. Future pacing and see if you feel confident in a public speech? Otherwise, repeat step 3. with an additional resource state.
  5. When you have enough resources, you step into a very powerful state on entering the circle which is truly now a circle of excellence that you can experience the desired states, i.e. be confident and humorous for a public speech.

Whenever you have any challenges, you can use this Circle of Excellence anytime and anywhere!