Cantonese Instructor

蘇樂賢(Ivan),畢業於澳洲Monash University輔導碩士、天主教輔仁大學心理系,曾旅居英國一年多,回澳門後便一直從事心理輔導專業至今,處理個案超過200個。 主題演講(包括講座及工作坊)及提供培訓超過200場,同時Ivan亦是澳門科技大學之客席講師。為求不斷在輔導及教學方面增值自己,先後取得不同的相關資格及證書。 包括:

  • 輔導碩士 – Monash University
  • 心理學理學士 – 天主教輔仁大學
  • 專業培訓及評審高級文憑 - 英國城市專業學會(City & Guild)
  • 國家二級心理咨詢師(中國)
  • 註冊催眠治療師導師(NGH,美國國家催眠師公會)
  • 註冊催眠治療師(NGH,美國國家催眠師公會)
  • 催眠大師 Jeffrey Zeig 親授 艾瑞克森教練課程(並取得卓越學員獎)
  • 催眠大師 Stephen Gilligan 親授 系統催眠課程
  • 註冊 NLP執行師(ABNLP,美國NLP訓練局)
  • 註冊 NLP高級執行師(ABNLP,美國NLP訓練局)
  • 註冊 NLP導師(NFNLP,美國國際身心語言程式學協會)

Ivan Sou, graduated from Fu Jen Catholic University with a major in Psychology and obtained a Master’s Degree in Counselling (Monash University). Having resided in United Kingdom for over a year after completing his degree in Taiwan, ever since he moved back to Macau, he has been working in the counseling industry, handled over 100 cases, hosted more than 150 different themed workshops and talk. A motivated individual with a strong desire to learn, he has gained multiple qualifications and license throughout the year :

  • NGH Certified hypnotherapist
  • NGH Certified Instructor
  • Systemic Trance Work with Stephen Gilligan
  • ABNLP Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • ABNLP Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • NFNLP Certified Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming