About Life Enrich

"Life Enrich" Life Enrich found in 2007 provides an array of internationally recognized self-improvement training courses, professional nutrition courses, counseling and business consultancy services. We provide a complete professional Neuro-Linguistic Programming (a.k.a. NLP) education program, beginning with NLP Practitioner Course, NLP Master Practitioner Course, to the highest achievement of NLP trainer course.These courses are recognized by NLP founder Dr. Richard Bandler, NLP University, as well as the American Board of NLP (referred to as ABNLP). In additional,we also provide Hypnotherapist certificate course which is recognized by the American Board of Hypnotherapy (a.k.a. ABH). Students who graduate from our training center after completing these course and obtained an acceptable achievement will be awarded an internationally recognized professional qualifications.

We care about our health well-being along with our mental. We are honored to offer weight management and stress management courses taught by a registered Nutritionist.

We strongly believe everyone has unlimited potential to be explored. With proper guidance from experienced trainer along with an internationally recognized training program, everyone can unleash their potential to enlighten their life and thus bringing joys to others.

To ascertain our course quality and to provide financial assistance to our students, our NLP course has been approved by the Hong Kong Council for Academic Accreditation since 2008 and is one of the Continuing Education Fund (CEF) reimbursable course providers. Hong Kong residents or one-way permit holders who are between 18 and 65 are eligible to apply for up to 80% of tuition fee or HK$10,000 for financial subsidy. Please click here for details.Continuing Education Fund (CEF)detailed information.

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Our philosophy:

Vision: Train your mind, enrich your life!

Mission: Through professional training, we support you in unleashing your unlimited potential, thus enabling you to live a happier and more fulfilled life.

Our services include one-to-one hypnotherapy session to eliminate your negative emotion, to build your confidence and to remove your bad habits. For details, please click testimonials .